Solar Power Plant – A Dream Come True

They say, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” How true this saying is! Since the last two or three decades, people have realized that the natural resources our planet has are going to end if we (humans) use it as indiscriminately as we have in the past. People realized the price we would have to pay for careless use of nature’s bounty – extinction. This is not a threat or a panic button, but plain truth regarding our (human race) future.

Can The Establishment Of Solar Power Plants Provide The Answer To This Predicament?

May be it can. Technology today has brought out many excellent models of solar power systems, which are cost effective to install, need no maintenance whatsoever and have a longer life than ours. If such solar power system could be used to make adequate solar power plants, then we can solve our electricity shortage problems and side-by-side get rid of many other related complications.

Acting on this premise, in Portugal, a solar power plant has been constructed on a pilot project basis. The power of some 52,000 voltaic cells would be harnessed to produce around 11 megawatts of solar energy for some 10,000 houses. If this project turns out to be a success, then be sure you will experience duplication of it all over the world. As in this case, solar power plants can provide a feasible alternative to the areas where power is scarce or difficult to install.

All round the globe, people are seeking viable alternatives to petrol and electricity. There are innumerable experts who are researching the conversion of vegetable oil into fuel oil with highly encouraging results. Castor oil, coconut oil and even sunflower oil has been tried and tested for feasibility as a bio-diesel. While the results are encouraging, the actual ‘right ingredient’ has not been yet found.

On the other hand, manufacturers have brought out electric cars, which will need to be charged just as you charge your mobile phone. This is good news for the shortage of petrol, but adds one more item on the list of electricity consumers. This is a fact that brings us back to the use and feasibility of a solar power plant.

Solar power is free of cost and inexhaustible. We can have as much as we want, and that may be (with the threat of global warming and green house effect) more than what we want. Hence, it is a good idea to tap into this extraordinary source of energy for future self-sufficiency. Maybe this could be the way to save our Planet from further exploitation.

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