Where To Find Solar Power Outdoor Lighting Products

There are many places available that offer solar power outdoor lighting products and most of them sell their products at reasonable prices. There is a wide multitude of options to choose from in regards to solar power outdoor lighting products and, depending on what sort of an overall look you are trying to achieve, the final decision will obviously primarily rely on your own personal preference.

What Solar Power Outdoor Lighting Products Are Available?

There is a vast array of available solar power outdoor lighting products, including: general solar outdoor lights, solar spot lights, Malibu solar garden lights, solar flag pole lights, solar wall lights, solar lamp posts, solar security floodlights, solar floodlights, solar pillar and column lights, solar accent lights, solar house and address number lights, solar Christmas tree lights, solar floating pond and pool lights, solar marker lights, solar street lights, solar bollard lights, solar recessed deck and dock lights, and more.

Where Can I Find Solar Power Outdoor Lighting Products?

There are many available locations across the world that offer these types of products, including that of the Rittenhouse, which offers a wide variety of solar products that help you to beautify your garden at both day and night, with their contemporary solar lights that are the perfect synthesis of solar technology and garden art.

One of their most popular products is the Firefly, which is a stainless steel garden stake that is topped off with a delicate hand-blown cracked glass globe. The Firefly works by having its solar panel convert photons into electrons during the daytime, while it charges the rechargeable batteries. Afterwards, during the nighttime, it is these batteries which power the high efficiency LED source, which then will turn on automatically once the night comes.

The Firefly is an incredibly attractive type of solar powered light, and is easy to relocate, and most importantly, by using this light you are making a conscious choice to help the environment by using a renewable source of energy, rather than that of the earth’s fossil fuels. The most primary offered features of the Firefly are: the amber LED light will last 100,000 hours; includes two rechargeable AA batteries; superior quality solar cell keeps the product lit for a minimum of 6-8 hours; and a detachable bottom stake which allows for two different size stakes in order to be able to accommodate various sized plants and flowers.

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