Solar Power Lighting Are Becoming Very Popular Today

Solar power lighting was once upon a time the dream of the future, specifically for rural areas where conventional electricity was difficult to provide. However, the cost of installing the solar panels being prohibitive, the projects was dropped in the middle. This was the picture a decade or so back. In the meantime, technology has brought about many changes, making solar power lighting feasible in terms of both cost and installation.

Solar Power Lighting And Urban Locations

The solar power lighting was initially designed for rural areas. However, the fast depletion of organic fuel and the rising costs of conventional electricity have motivated many people to look into the alternatives available. Out of all the choices out there, the solar power generation system was found as the best. This is because all it needs is a one-time installment for a virtually perennial, free of cost source of electricity.

The discovery of the LEDs also added to the charm of the solar power lighting projects. The LEDs are virtually inexhaustible as they are meant to work for thousands of hours. Just one white LED is capable to provide sufficient light for one person to read at night. The whole house electricity can be taken care of by less than fifty LEDs, which consume one hundredth of wattage that a normal household consumes.

Another great addition to the solar power lighting arsenal is the solar candle. This type of lighting is made with the help of LED that run on batteries. Since they consume so less electricity, these can last forever and the light that these candles give is excellent.

New Solar Power Lighting Devices

The advancement of technology brings out more developed and convenient devices every day. The new tube solar panel is one such example. This device is made of extraordinarily thin and flexible solar panels, which can be rolled into a tiny tube. The tube being small and light, can be carried anywhere like camps, trekking trips and the like to provide convenient and safe solar power lighting.

Another great device for camping and trips is the portable mini solar generator station. This device can provide sufficient electricity for you to run your laptop, fan, TV, stereo, cell phone, lights and the like for as long as you like. The generator normally gets charged with the help of one or two fifteen-watt solar panels.




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