The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Solar Power Fan

The actual term solar power is used to describe not only one issue, but rather a number of methods that involve the harnessing of energy from the light of the sun. There are many different and incredibly resourceful matters that solar power can be and is used for, and the actual subject of solar power is becoming one of quickly increasing popularity. A solar power fan is one of the available uses for solar power, however, as with anything else, a solar power fan does have both its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is A Solar Power Fan?

A solar power fan is a fan for those home owners who do not want to use a fan that is run by the more conventional method of electricity. A solar power fan is, instead, powered directly by sunlight, and the fan will stop at sunset when there is no longer enough sunlight available to power the motor any further. There are both advantages and disadvantages to a solar power fan, and both halves which must be taken fully and thoroughly into consideration before can truly shape an opinion on a solar power fan.

What Are The Advantages?

There are certain advantages to this type of solar powered fan, such as the fact that you do not have to power the fan at all with your own electricity. As well, you do not have to run any electrical wiring to the fan. This can save a lot of time and money as an end result, and is considered as an extremely positive set of factors to the environmentally concerned person.

What Are The Disadvantages?

As with anything, however, there are also disadvantages that come with the solar powered fan, such as the fact that the fan must run on solar power. Thus, the motor is simply not as powerful and it also is much smaller. The fan also covers a lot less space than a regular fan, so you might find that you will have to supply yourself with two of these fans, when you would only need one of the regular forms. As well, the actual cost of a solar powered fan is higher than that of an electrical fan, primarily due to the fact that there is the cost of the solar cell which is additional.

Obviously, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages out, and the final decision is truly dependant upon your own personal preference.




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