Solar Power Air Conditioner: Past And Present

The need to utilize solar energy is being thoroughly appreciated by innovators, so much so, that now their inventions become almost paradoxical. What else, but paradoxical, would you call an invention like the solar power air conditioner? It is a device that cools down the heat generated by solar energy falling on earth, while itself working by absorbing this very heat energy. What surprises more, perhaps, is the fact that the idea of cooling rooms and living places with solar energy is anything but new.

The Romans’ Ancient Solar Power Air Conditioner

It evokes wonder to know that the Romans, in their acme of civilization, used a natural form of air conditioning or ventilation. They used to dig a trench just leading from their house to about 100 –200 yards in a straight line away from the house. A pipe and chimney were fitted in it such that the heated air in the chimney would rise, drawing air through the cool pipe. The pipe, which was underground, cooled the air to the temperature of the earth. This cool air was let to circulate through the house to keep its temperature lower than outside.

Modern Solar Power Air Conditioner

With the development of Direct Absorption (DFA) in Japan in the 1960s, solar cooling technology took off. In 2004, BROAD Air Conditioning Co. Ltd. provided an American customer with the first solar power air conditioner. It has worked exceptionally well. Today, it is possible to cool down the heat generated by the sun by means of battery-powered air conditioners such that the battery is charged by solar energy. The solar modules charge the battery during the day, when the sun is high, while the solar power air conditioner can be used anytime.

Direct Cool Air Conditioning Inc. has created its own energy efficient DC Airco units. These solar air conditioners consume less than half power requirement of an AC input system. They are good cooling devices for small houses and cottages, industrial buildings; telecommunication cabinets etc. A couple of these air conditioners can be used to cool a larger structure. Since the units operate on low voltage (24/48 DC) batteries, they are ideal for replacing expensive external generators. These cooling units are available as wall-mounted devices.

Advantages of DC Airco Solar Conditioners

DC Airco Solar Conditioners consume less power and provide greater cooling. They can be used anywhere in the world because they are not frequency dependent. They do not require Genset for power supply, and do not need an inverter.

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