Solar And Electric Power Association

What Is The Solar And Electric Power Association?

The mission of the Solar and Electric Power Association is to facilitate the use and integration of solar electric power by that of utilities, electric service providers, as well as their customers. The Solar and Electric Power Association strives to do many things, including that of the following: provide tools to utilities and service providers supporting the use and integration of solar power, foster business to business networking, share information on solar electric technologies and programs, and evaluate and report on policies and regulations.

The Solar and Electric Power Association has done an excellent job of identifying and responding to the needs of utilities which are participating in or with that of the solar industry. The Solar and Electric Power Association is an association which is non-profit, and which consists of utility, electric service provider, manufacturer, installer, government, and research members.

SEPA strives to meet its many goals by doing that of several things, especially, which is surrounding that of its members, including: a solar power conference and expo, which is jointly presented by SEPA and SEIA, and which is the largest business-to-business solar conference and expo in all of America; bi-weekly electronic newsletter and email alerts, meaning that SEPA members then automatically receive all of the most relevant and important news on solar technologies, policies, and programs; conference call seminar series, as the SEPA holds monthly seminars on various technology, policy, and marketing topics.

They also have a members only resource library, which allows their members to use an expanded library resource center that contains reports and data from other utility members; email discussions groups, as the SEPA has technical and policy email discussion groups through Yahoo Groups so that members can easily interact and learn from other members’ experiences; powerclerk software discount, in that powerclerk allows managers to efficiently and effectively receive incentive applications, process incentive applications, analyze programs, as well as report on program results.

There is also a solar programs options tool, which is expected to be released late in 2006, and through this application, SEPA members will be able to access the tool through the members only section. With this the user can do many things, including: optimize objectives across a variety of solar technologies, with consideration of performance, first costs, levelized life-cycle costs, as well as the overall efficacy in achieving that of RPS, green power, and other targets.

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