Residential Solar Power System – Why Is The World Not Accepting This Concept Yet?

All of us agree that our using the natural resources much too fast is contributing to the deterioration of our Planet. We also agree that unless we ration water, oil, and electricity, we will find ourselves very soon with no other choice but learn to live without it. Thus, people are avidly searching for alternatives for renewable energy, as well as methods of conserving/ rationing what we have left on the Planet. Nothing, though, seems to work the way as planned.

What Is The Place Of The Residential Solar Power System In This Scenario?

The residential solar power system looks like a good alternative for the electricity shortage problem. Billions have already shifted to solar power systems in their homes and offices and find it pretty good. What is, then, preventing the states and countries the world over to shift to this alternative and stop the pressure on the non-renewable energy sources?

The detrimental factor is the cost. The charge for installing a residential solar power system to support the whole household’s needs for electricity is quite high. However, if you look at it from the larger picture point of view, you will see that the cost of the installation can be recovered within two years only. Thereafter, the electricity you use would be completely free. This can easily save you about $1500 per year which is not a small amount.

In spite of the benefits, residential solar power systems are still on the threshold of acceptance by the majority of the world. It is true that there are billions of people out there, who have shifted to residential solar power systems, are happy with their choice. Nevertheless, the movement is yet to gather real momentum.

It is expected that the technology advancement will bring down the cost considerably in the near future as well as make the solar panels smaller and more powerful. This will enable people to use these panels not only for their residential solar power system but also for their cars, boats, gardens and so on.

There will come a day, in the not too distant future, when residential solar power systems would be the conventional style and the hydro-power the exception. When that day will come, we will be able to give our Planet that has been supporting us for so many thousands of years, some respite to regenerate and breathe. Hope that day will come before it becomes too late.

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